QC: We shall organize laboratory tests on the related items of the project according to the internal requirements of the engineering materials. And develop quality plan, review the inspection standard of all materials and finished products. Immediate handling of customer complaints and returns to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a quality meeting every week, and we promote the quality of the company. Statistic, analyze each quality meeting, and promote the whole company related department personnel to improve the quality, and push the departments to improve, to achieve the target. To analyze and improve the supplier of materials. Keep track of quality records.

QA: Through QA supervision, we effectively control the progress of research and development and the quality of each link. Regardless of any product, it is used for the former. At the beginning of the product standards for design, we can stand in the Angle of the consumer to think of this product, make the product more human nature, and verify the quality of every link, whether meet the design standards. Save time on research and development and solve unnecessary problems.