Daliys ran for love and let love go with Dailys

Daliys ran for love and let love go with Dailys

January, all vientiane was renewed, and Dailys was filled with love. Our charity donation campaign began in November.

Everyone at Leeds made his own effort for the event. Our caring donation activity is we don’t wear old clothes collected centrally, to the remote mountain children, maybe we needn’t old clothes but on them is a good new clothes. We donate a piece of clothing to add warmth to  poor children

On January 10th, we were all ready to send our clothes to the post office. We sent our clothes to the post office and sent them to the remote mountain area for the children who needed the clothes.

Dailys has always cared about people around Dailys! It was only a small act, but it was a great force to be brought together. It is also the result of our joint efforts. The society calls for love, The Times need us to extend our hands, to warm the society. A love is like a drop of water, can not moisten a piece of land, countless drops of water together into an ocean can spring back to the earth.


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Post time: Jan-26-2018